The Kitchen

Airing 3-5pm on Friday afternoons, The Kitchen aims to help give you an enjoyable ride home by entertaining you with the latest music, interviews with artists and as much laughs as we can squeeze into two hours!

Chalking up more than 200 episodes, we've done a lot including but well and truly not limited to; 

  • 5 pool party outside broadcasts
  • spoken to artists I used to dream about having the chance to speak to (British India, Eskimo Joe, Screaming Jets, Boy and Bear, Bluejuice, Birds of Tokyo, Hanson, Naked and Famous, Something for Kate and Hanson; just to name a few)
  • covered the Big Day Out twice
  • played frisbee with artists in the car park
  • gotten an interviewee to parallel park her car on live radio
  • had a team member run 2.6km on air as part of a bet
  • dropped 5 buckets of ice & water on team members
  • had a doughnut eating contest on air
  • SYNdicated across the country to Melbourne and Tasmania (and are the ONLY show in WA to syndicate to the eastern states)
  • publish our podcast to iTunes
  • judged 3 battle of the bands and sent a WA band to Norway where they played the finals (and came 2nd)
  • and (my personal favourite) pelted water balloons at Matt while he tried to read a weather report.

So yeah, stacks of fun - 3pm every Friday on Radio Fremantle, 6pm on Pulse FM or whenever you want at!